Soul Cycle: Why we’ve joined the cult!

We love hitting up Soul Cycle to get our burn on! We fell in love with Soul Cycle because of its effortless vibe, ever-challenging classes, and inviting community.

The Studios:

  • Studios range from New York to Texas to even Canada. Check out their website to find a Soul Cycle near you!
  • Bathrooms & Showers- Every location has a bathroom that is fully equipped with supplies you may need (think hair ties, deodorant, and face wash). Many studios also have showers so you may freshen up before getting back to your day
  • Provide – shoes and water *usually with an additional cost
  • The Room- features inspirational quotes spread across the walls. Most studios have between 40-70 bikes.

The Class:

  • A 45 minute HITT (High Intensity Interval Training) workout.
  • THE WORKOUT: It’s a journey: Get ready to climb, jog, sprint, and dance! There are 8 songs played in each class. The sixth song will usually focus on arms using hand weights located in the back of your bike (make sure to choose your desired weights before class!).
  • Intensity level-  You get to control how much resistance is on the bike and how well you keep up with the beat of the music. Whether you sit the entire class or you’re tapping it back like you are one of Beyonce’s backup dancers, you’ll be sure to get a great workout!
  • RESULTS:  It only takes 45 minutes to completely transform how you look and feel. Soul Cycle is a full-body workout that includes specially crafted choreography to work your core, arms, and legs.

Why we love it:

  • The music – pumping tunes that will help get your heart rate up and keep you motivated throughout the 45 minutes
  • Theme rides- Theme rides are a great way to change it up and have fun while doing it! Think: Beyonce, disco rides, hip hop rides, and so much more! Check out the upcoming theme rides HERE.
  • We let loose and dance our way through

Instructors we recommend:


  • Eliana Sable- We took our first ever Soul Cycle class years ago with Eliana. Eliana  is among our fav NYC instructors because of her signature sweetness, contagious laugh, and challenging rides! Plus, she’s a bad ass on the bike! In Eliana’s class, you’ll feel empowered and she’ll make you realize how physically and mentally strong you really are. She’ll push you to the limit with her long sprints, tough climbs (hello resistance), and continuous pushups and tap backs. You’re guaranteed to get an amazing workout and feel inspired for the rest of the day. She even will throw in some squats or planks at the end of class (because tapping it back for 45 minutes wasn’t enough!!!) Eliana balances it all by being a mom, workout enthusiast, personal trainer, Soul Cycle instructor, and a food lover (just like us!). Follow her on Instagram @e_kable45 for her ab challenges!
  • James J.- If you want to die of sweat & laughter for 45 minutes be sure to check out James J.’s class. He always starts his class with a funny story about his dating life that will leave you laughing for the entire ride. His signature line is, “I teach every class like its my last.” He”ll get you motivated and ready to tackle the ride you have ahead. Throughout the class, James keeps it interesting by throwing out challenging moves and some booty shaking choreography. James J. has a cult following out in the burbs and throughout the Upper West Side (or “Upper BEST Side” as he likes to call it). Don’t be fooled by his sweet and lovable spirit- he will call you out for checking yourself out in the mirror during class (ummm….GUILTY). Those adorable hipster glasses combined with his hilarious jokes keep you entertained throughout the class. Before you realize it, you are surrounded by a pool of sweat and did an intense workout that will leave your legs quivering for days!
  • Laurie Cole- Laurie is one of Soul Cycle’s Master Instructors. Her challenging rides, words of encouragement, and specially selected playlist will help you reach noticeable results – body and mind! Make sure to sign up when the schedule opens because on Mondays at 12:01 pm, her classes are fully booked with a waitlist a mile long and die hard followers waiting anxiously to get a spot.
  • Monique- Monique is the epitome of FIERCE! She gave us one of the most challenging no BS classes we have ever taken – lets just say her warm up had us panting. Her sprints have more resistance and last longer than you could ever imagine (she is a machine on that bike – you go girl!!). Her class will challenge your body to its max with her continuous tap backs, sprints, and muscle quivering arm series! Walking was a difficult the next day…


  • Ayana- You can find her singing her way through a challenging class with her beautiful and inspiring voice. Ayana’s class will surely give you the burn you’re looking for because she plays fun, heart-pumping tunes and hosts a dance party each and every time!

Florida (South Beach):

  • Aubrey- She has a tenacious spirit and gives a heart-pumping ride! She’ll make you turn up your resistance to levels you’ve never gone before and work your body to the limit, all while listening to great music!

Insider Tip: 

  • For those who’s behinds are suffering the whole ride through, make sure to grab a seat cushion before class. They are located near the weights and towels in the front of the spin studio. Another great option is to purchase a pair of padded bike shorts to slip under your leggings before class.

Women Cycling Shorts

Mens Cycling Shorts

* Book your first class for $20 HERE!


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