Braided Hair Don’t Care

As a girl with frizzy, curly, thick, unruly hair, sweating it out at the gym in style isn’t always easy. I spend 25% of a workout fixing my hair, 25% hoping my hair won’t break free of the elastic band, 25% planning when I should do my next hair adjustment, and 25% actually focused on burning some calories. It is a constant struggle to say the least, I decided it was time to give my go-to trusty ponytail a much-needed facelift. We teamed up with Serge Normat for John Frieda stylist Amanda Scott to come up with three perfect hairstyles that will hold up during some burpees. I sampled each of the looks during an hour long dance class and my hair looked just as good leaving as it did coming in. End result – the plainjane ponytail is so five years ago!!

The first hairstyle is perfect for the every day gym to streetwear look. It works for any hair type and will get you noticed by every one in the gym. The look features 2 french braids, hair wrapped around the pony tail, and the rest of the hair left loose. Double the braids, double the fun, right?


The second look is for people who struggle with bangs and short layers falling in their face. The front of the hairline is braided back so that you don’t spend your workout blowing hairs out of your face and the look is finished off with wrapping the braid around the elastic. (expert tip – pull the braid out to get that added thick texture and lift). There is nothing basic about this ponytail!


The third look is is a great way to get rid of those pesky baby hairs glued to your neck. We love this quick, low-maintenance option that looks like you spent hours on your hairstyle (reality – minutes). In this style your hair is secured in a picture-perfect ballerina bun that will make you want to walk on your tip-toes all day long.





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