When Zen meets Adrenaline: box & flow

Who knew boxing and yoga were the perfect match? Life is all about balance; fight + flow are opposites, but when they come together in the Box & Flow studio, they create a balanced mind and body workout. The studio is located in Noho and easily accessible from the subway. During the class, we channeled our inner Muhammad Ali and then transitioned into a yogi inspired power flow. The founder, Liv Young, left the corporate world and opened a studio of her own. She was super sweet greeting us and explained the workout and concept behind it. She is passionate about what she does and considers balance to be “boxing, burgers, backbends + beer” (can we be BFF??).

Why We Love it:

Like many cardio enthusiasts, we are always running, jumping and spinning. This leads to neglecting low impact exercises and stretching, which are crucial to keep our bodies injury free and strong. Hybrid classes are the future to achieving this balance – “the yin and yang workout”. We are all about getting the job done as quickly and efficiently as possible, no-one has time to hit up 2 – 3 different studios to get a full body workout. Box and flow is a dream come true for us busy New Yorkers because it delivers both aspects – the contrast between an intense fun cardio circuit mixed with a relaxing yoga flow. The 55 minutes flew by and felt like a nonstop whirlwind. We didn’t focus on the clock because we were busy punching, flowing, and belting out the lyrics to the latest Drake song.

The Studio:

  • It is located at 55 Bond St., 2nd floor. 
  • On the stairs leading up to the space, there are inspiring phrases like, “its a lifestyle” “its a passion”. Inside the studio, there are yoga mats, Everlast punching bags, and light hand weights.
  • The studio provides yoga mats, towels, and gloves.
  • Speed wraps are mandatory for class and are available for purchase for $5.
  • The bathrooms are clean and are stocked with bathroom essentials, but be aware that there are no showers. (Crack open that bottle of dry shampoo!)
  • We left our shoes and bag in the cubby – it is mandatory to be barefoot (or wear socks) during the whole class to ensure an easy transition from the bags to the mats.

The class:

  • The class is 55 minutes and consists of 35 minutes of boxing, followed by 17 minutes of power yoga, and finished off with a savasana.
  • The warm-up – The class began with 8 minutes of aerobic moves (think – jumping jacks, squats, high knees etc.) and shadowboxing while holding 2-3 pound weights. This allowed us to work on our punches and form before hitting the heavy bag.
  • The gloves come on! – 9 rounds on the heavy bags, three of which are “rumbles” where we partnered up and focused on speed and power intervals. Our one complaint is that while holding the bag for our partner our heart rate went down and we felt like we missed an opportunity to get more sweat out of our workout.
  • We finished off with a cool down on the yoga mat. This was a quick flow sequence that allowed us to bring balance to the fight and stretch our bodies for long, lean muscles.
  • Class registration is available online at box + flow’s website.


  • The boxing sequences require some basic knowledge about punches and stance, they do not review basics. If you are new to boxing, prior to class check out this youtube video that will show you the proper stance and punches.
  • The studio gets really warm during the workout so make sure to wear a lightweight sweat absorbent outfit.
  • We like to bring our own boxing gloves. We can be a bit of germaphobes (aka wiping down our soul cycle bikes with 3 wipes) and there is nothing that we hate more then sticking our hands into used gloves!


To clean living,

Jessica, Rachel, & Ariella


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