Breaking up with the good stuff

Ahhhh, July 4th! The time of year that the desire for a leafy green juice (hello crop tops), collides with the exact time of year that your brain screams “BBQ”. If you’re feeling sluggish and bloated after the holidays, WE ALL DO!! The key to a healthy life style is consistency, it’s ok to indulge once in a while as long as you’re ready to get back on track afterwards. We hope this holiday weekend you all enjoyed yourselves, ate some things you wouldn’t normally eat, and took a break from your workout regime because let’s be honest who doesn’t love to sleep in and eat burgers #netflix&chill!

Now that the weekend is over, don’t look back. Just as 4 days of working out won’t change your body, four days of indulging won’t either. It’s time to move forward. Here are a few tips for getting back to your routine…..we’re all in this together!

  1. The most important rule – DON’T weigh yourself- At this point, you’re probably feeling bloated/puffy and you just want to get on the scale to see what the damage is. Don’t do that. The scale will just reflect water weight and it will go down once you get back to your normal routine – so don’t torture yourself.
  2. Start and end the day with warm lemon water– This became part of our daily routine over a year ago and we can’t get enough! Having warm lemon water first thing in the morning flushes out your system and soothes digestion. And end the day with it because it will cleanse your body while you sleep – YESS!
  3. Cut back on sugar- SUGAR BREEDS SUGAR- meaning the more sugar you consume, the more you crave it! Cut out refined sugar (white sugar) and substitute with fresh fruits and fruit infused water. We love adding lemon slices, cucumbers, and raspberries to our Fruit Infused Water Bottles because it helps with sugar cravings and BONUS- it gets us to drink more throughout the day.
  4. HYDRATE- The best way to flush out your system and get rid of the bloat is to drink drink drink, cheers! Drinking enough water will help you cut out those sugar cravings. If you have trouble getting enough water throughout the day, try infusing your water with fresh fruits, lemons, mint, basil, or cucumbers- you’ll forget you’re drinking water!
  5. Get back on your fitness regimen– When we eat right (clean all the way) and workout consistently, we feel our best. So after this holiday weekend, get to the gym, go on that run, get to that spin class, or get your inner yogi going. Just get moving- once you get your body moving, your body will naturally detox and cleanse itself out. We’re all about taking a short break from the gym as long as you’re ready to get back and give it your all!
  6. DON’T skip meals- You might think that skipping meals will help you consume less calories, but it will all just backfire, because you’ll slow down your metabolism and you may end up devouring food late at night. Instead, have 5 small meals and fuel your body with veggies, proteins, fruits, and carbs.
  7. Try hot yoga– You’re probably thinking that sweating it out is the last thing on your list at this point. From our experience, you’ll feel so much better. Plus, yoga twists help rid your body of toxins by aiding your digestion. Checkout your local hot yoga spots or we recommend Y7 and Core Power Yoga! You’ll feel like you just sweated out your entire weekend of eating!

To getting back on track,

Jessica, Rachel, & Ariella

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