Instructor spotlight : Amanda Kloots


What can’t she do!!?? Dance, jumprope, Instagram sensation, and trainer to the stars (the list goes on and on). Amanda is our version of a fitness BOSS! After insta-stalking her class, we decided to head downtown on the 1 train and do a back to back dance and rope class. We are not sure what was more sore post class, our cheeks from smiling for 2 full hours or our muscles from jumping, twisting, and turning! Amanda’s energy is infectious (we watched her give it her all even when it was her 8th workout of the day!!) and her sweet demeanor brings us back for more! You can check out Amanda’s classes offered at Studio B in Bandier Flatiron.

The Dance: 

Let us start off by saying we could not qualify for “so you think you can dance”. The only time you will find us dancing is in our apartment with the shades shut, the door locked, and some Britney blasting! We usually gravitate toward a more bootcamp style class, and shy away from public dancing, but we couldn’t ignore all the hype this class was getting so we decided to check it out. With a packed class, Amanda creates a fun and manageable (for us non dancers) class where everyone channels their inner Beyonce. The class consists of constant jumping shaking and shimmying and a stretch to finish it off.

The Rope:

JUMP SKIP SMILE! Holy cow was this a tough workout. Who knew that the classic playground toy could give us such a killer burn! Amanda created this interval cardio style class which incorporates cardio and toning using just the jumprope. The class consists of jumping, planking, arms and abs  using the jumprope as resistance, and some lower body moves. The different rounds test your endurance, speed, and coordination. Throughout the class, Amanda focused on each individual’s form and corrected those that needed help. Our hearts were pounding from the cardio bursts and our arms shaking from the arm series. The music was loud and energizing and by the time we finished belting out the lyrics, class flew by and we were on to stretching (THANK GOD!!). What we love about this class is that it showed us that all you need is this one piece of equipment to get a full body workout – for our next vacation we are just packing a jumprope!

*We can’t wait for Amanda’s videos to come out so that we could jump it out anywhere and everywhere! Stay tuned…

To clean living,

Jessica, Rachel, & Ariella

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