Superfood Sunday Spotlight: Flax Seeds

Flax is a crop grown in cooler regions of the world and is used for linen, oil, and food. Flax seeds come in both a brown shade and a golden shade, which are both very similar in nutrition facts. Flax seeds are also pressed to make an oil that is edible and is great for dressings because of its high omega-3 fatty acid content.

Nutrition Facts: 

1 tablespoon of flax contains 55 calories, 4.3 grams of fat, 3 grams of carbohydrates, 2.8 grams of fiber, and 1.9 grams of protein.


  • High in Omega-3 fatty acids- “good” fat found in fish, leafy vegetables, seeds, vegetable oils, flax seed oil, and nuts. Omega-3 fatty acids are essential fats for your body to function properly. However, unlike other fats, your body can’t produce omega-3 fatty acids so you must get them from food.
  • Fiber content- Flaxseeds are made up of 29% carbs. Of that 29%, 95% of that amount is fiber. In fact, by consuming 2 tablespoons of flaxseeds a day, you get 6 grams of fiber, which is 25% of the daily recommended fiber intake!
  • Reduces inflammation (bye bye bloat!)
  • Improve digestion- Firstly, flax is one of the highest magnesium foods you could find, and magnesium helps improve digestive health overtime. Additionally, the ALA in flax helps protect the lining of the digestive tract and improve gut health. To help relieve constipation, consume 1-3 tablespoons of flax seeds or flax seed oil.
  • Weight loss- Flax seeds are full of health fats and fiber which will keep you full longer and help you lose weight. Because of its anti-inflamation properties, flax can help your body to lose excess weight.
  • Can help prevent some cancers
  • Can help lower cholesterol
  • Flaxseed oil is extremely beneficial for hair, it creates a natural protective barrier which helps hair and skin retain natural moisture levels.

Suggested use: 

  • It is highly recommended to consume ground flax seeds over whole flaxseeds because the ground form is easier to digest. Also try flax seed oil.
  • In smoothies, soups, and granola
  • Ground flax seeds- In yogurt, baked goods, oatmeal, dips, pancakes, waffles, and salads (we add 1 tablespoon on top of our salads for extra fiber)
  • Flax seed oil- Substitute other oils with flax seed oil in dressings
  • As an egg substitute- if you’re looking to make your cakes or cookies vegan, replace 1 egg with 1 tablespoon ground flax seed + 3 tablespoons water).
  • Before using a blow dryer or iron on your hair.

Check it out: 

  1. Strawberry-Banana + Superseed Smoothie
  2. Try Was a Crackers with organic hummus
  3. Try Mary’s Gone Crackers single packs for on the go snacking. Enjoy with a packet of dry tuna fish with 1 tablespoon of dijon mustard
  4. Oatmeal + flax packets
  5. Raw Crunch Bars– these are great for on the go or for that 3pm pick me up. We love the dark chocolate and gogi berry (extra superfood!) flavors
  6. Juice Press flax crackers– Spread with almond butter for a creamy + crunchy treat
  7. Naturally More All Natural Almond Butter-Probiotic Infused+ Flaxseeds on the go squeeze packs (sneak these into your kids’ lunch bags so they get enough fiber,  healthy fats, and protein in their diets)
  8.  SheaMoisture 100% Flax seed oil for hair


To clean living,

Jessica, Rachel, & Ariella

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