Switch Playground – “New York’s First Playground”

First thought when we arrived…. um did we get off the wrong subway and end up at a dance party??? We were a little nervous when we walked into a light blue fog of techno lights, greeted by high fives, blaring EDM music, and dancing trainers. End result: our minds were blown (in the best way possible!). Lets break it down – we are talking about a non-stop mix of cardio machines, boxing bags, TRX, spin bikes, stair masters, rowers, dumbbells, body weight exercises, and resistance bands. We walked out of this class with jello legs, crying abs, and arms that couldn’t even hail a cab. If you are bored of your usual running, bootcamp class, or spinning routine get out of your comfort zone and check this place out. Your muscles will thank you later!

 The studio:

  • Location – 130 E 12th St, New York, NY 10003
  • The room – It is a dark room lit by colored lights and lasers, complete with a fog machine, multiple trainers, and a live DJ
  • Locker room – Men and Women locker rooms including showers, towels, and lockers

The class:

  • The class is one hour – it begins with a 7 minute yoga warmup, then you and a partner travel between 20 stations. Each station last two minutes, during which you complete two exercises in 30 second intervals then you switch to the next.
  • There were 8 trainers in the room assisting and demonstrating exercises at the various stations. They came around and motivated us while also making sure we had the correct form.
  • There is a live dj in the room. The musics was very technoc- and EDM-heavy. The DJ gave us that extra push we needed to finish the workout. (if you thought soul cycle was loud…)
  • The class ended with a quick 2 minute stretch.

Why we love it:

  • We love a class where beginners and athletes can join forces, this workout can be done at whichever intensity you prefer.
  • The class goes by super quickly – there are so many different stimulating things going on that you don’t focus on your burning thighs.
  • The 8+ instructors in the room carefully explained, demonstrated, and corrected us at every station. We found that we pushed harder and took less breaks in order to impress the instructors at each station.
  • The class is designed with 2 people per station so its a great place to go with a friend or partner.
  • First timers – 2 classes for the price of 1 click HERE

To clean living,

Jessica, Rachel, & Ariella 

images – http://www.switchplayground.com

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