The Chipotle of Yoga is Here

For years, we’ve heard rave reviews about the mega-chain (with over 165 studios across the country) Core Power Yoga. It seemed like there was a studio in just about every city except NYC!! When we heard that a studio was opening right in our backyard (Upper West Side) we couldn’t wait to try it out, let us tell you we were not disappointed!! We Añjali Mudrā our very sore arms in awe of this yoga studio! What makes this studio a unique addition to the NYC yoga scene, and had us coming back for more, is their yoga sculpt class. The class was unlike any yoga class we have taken before – it mixed strength, cardio,  and flexibility into the practice.

The class:

During the yoga sculpt class, the room was HOT (think sweat dripping everywhere) and had us stopping to towel off many times. The class began with the classic yoga flow to warm-up our bodies. Then it moved onto the segment where we used light hand weights to intensify each yoga pose. In addition, throughout the flow, weights were used during the strength-training moves during squats, lunges, and bicep curls. The weights added an intensity to the practice and had our muscles exhausted – think bicep curls with your legs in crescent pose, or weighted squats in chair pose. Then came the cardio bursts – this was super challenging, incorporating moves like burpees, jumping jacks, and jumping lunges. The hot room helped us loosen up quickly, the fast pace of the class made sure we were never bored or looking at the clock,  and the massive amount of sweating had us feeling detoxed and cleansed.

The Studio:

  • This location has two bathrooms, and two showers. The showers were pretty basic –  shampoo, conditioner, and body wash, and not much else. Before and after class, there was a long line for the bathrooms and the showers.
  • The studio rents yoga mats and towels and sells water.
  • CorePower Yoga offers a free week of yoga for new members.

What To Know:

  • We feel that this class is not for beginners, some yoga knowledge is necessary. The instructor does not stand at the front of the room modeling poses and uses official yoga-move names.
  • Most of the moves done are based off of strength and flexibility. This allowed us to push it at our own level.
  •  Flow weights should be light (we did 5 lbs) and Sculpt weights should be heavy (we did 8 lbs). The have 3, 5, 8, 10 lb weights available.
  • Try to hydrate prior to class, the room is really hot and we felt a bit light headed at times.


  • The mats they offer are not great- we found them to be very slippery, so we advise you to bring your own.
  • They charge for towels – this bothered us because no studio we have been to in NYC charges 34$ a class and charges for towels.
  • The room was too hot – in the description of the class it says the temperature should be between 92 – 95 degrees with no added humidity, the classes we attended the room was 98 degrees.
  • During the cardio segment, the mats were so slippery with sweat so it was hard not to slide around during the jumping jacks.
  • The room was very packed barely an inch between each mat and we kept knocking into our neighbors

To clean living,

Jessica, Rachel, & Ariella

Braided Hair Don’t Care

As a girl with frizzy, curly, thick, unruly hair, sweating it out at the gym in style isn’t always easy. I spend 25% of a workout fixing my hair, 25% hoping my hair won’t break free of the elastic band, 25% planning when I should do my next hair adjustment, and 25% actually focused on burning some calories. It is a constant struggle to say the least, I decided it was time to give my go-to trusty ponytail a much-needed facelift. We teamed up with Serge Normat for John Frieda stylist Amanda Scott to come up with three perfect hairstyles that will hold up during some burpees. I sampled each of the looks during an hour long dance class and my hair looked just as good leaving as it did coming in. End result – the plainjane ponytail is so five years ago!!

The first hairstyle is perfect for the every day gym to streetwear look. It works for any hair type and will get you noticed by every one in the gym. The look features 2 french braids, hair wrapped around the pony tail, and the rest of the hair left loose. Double the braids, double the fun, right?


The second look is for people who struggle with bangs and short layers falling in their face. The front of the hairline is braided back so that you don’t spend your workout blowing hairs out of your face and the look is finished off with wrapping the braid around the elastic. (expert tip – pull the braid out to get that added thick texture and lift). There is nothing basic about this ponytail!


The third look is is a great way to get rid of those pesky baby hairs glued to your neck. We love this quick, low-maintenance option that looks like you spent hours on your hairstyle (reality – minutes). In this style your hair is secured in a picture-perfect ballerina bun that will make you want to walk on your tip-toes all day long.





To Good Hair Days,



When Zen meets Adrenaline: box & flow

Who knew boxing and yoga were the perfect match? Life is all about balance; fight + flow are opposites, but when they come together in the Box & Flow studio, they create a balanced mind and body workout. The studio is located in Noho and easily accessible from the subway. During the class, we channeled our inner Muhammad Ali and then transitioned into a yogi inspired power flow. The founder, Liv Young, left the corporate world and opened a studio of her own. She was super sweet greeting us and explained the workout and concept behind it. She is passionate about what she does and considers balance to be “boxing, burgers, backbends + beer” (can we be BFF??).

Why We Love it:

Like many cardio enthusiasts, we are always running, jumping and spinning. This leads to neglecting low impact exercises and stretching, which are crucial to keep our bodies injury free and strong. Hybrid classes are the future to achieving this balance – “the yin and yang workout”. We are all about getting the job done as quickly and efficiently as possible, no-one has time to hit up 2 – 3 different studios to get a full body workout. Box and flow is a dream come true for us busy New Yorkers because it delivers both aspects – the contrast between an intense fun cardio circuit mixed with a relaxing yoga flow. The 55 minutes flew by and felt like a nonstop whirlwind. We didn’t focus on the clock because we were busy punching, flowing, and belting out the lyrics to the latest Drake song.

The Studio:

  • It is located at 55 Bond St., 2nd floor. 
  • On the stairs leading up to the space, there are inspiring phrases like, “its a lifestyle” “its a passion”. Inside the studio, there are yoga mats, Everlast punching bags, and light hand weights.
  • The studio provides yoga mats, towels, and gloves.
  • Speed wraps are mandatory for class and are available for purchase for $5.
  • The bathrooms are clean and are stocked with bathroom essentials, but be aware that there are no showers. (Crack open that bottle of dry shampoo!)
  • We left our shoes and bag in the cubby – it is mandatory to be barefoot (or wear socks) during the whole class to ensure an easy transition from the bags to the mats.

The class:

  • The class is 55 minutes and consists of 35 minutes of boxing, followed by 17 minutes of power yoga, and finished off with a savasana.
  • The warm-up – The class began with 8 minutes of aerobic moves (think – jumping jacks, squats, high knees etc.) and shadowboxing while holding 2-3 pound weights. This allowed us to work on our punches and form before hitting the heavy bag.
  • The gloves come on! – 9 rounds on the heavy bags, three of which are “rumbles” where we partnered up and focused on speed and power intervals. Our one complaint is that while holding the bag for our partner our heart rate went down and we felt like we missed an opportunity to get more sweat out of our workout.
  • We finished off with a cool down on the yoga mat. This was a quick flow sequence that allowed us to bring balance to the fight and stretch our bodies for long, lean muscles.
  • Class registration is available online at box + flow’s website.


  • The boxing sequences require some basic knowledge about punches and stance, they do not review basics. If you are new to boxing, prior to class check out this youtube video that will show you the proper stance and punches.
  • The studio gets really warm during the workout so make sure to wear a lightweight sweat absorbent outfit.
  • We like to bring our own boxing gloves. We can be a bit of germaphobes (aka wiping down our soul cycle bikes with 3 wipes) and there is nothing that we hate more then sticking our hands into used gloves!


To clean living,

Jessica, Rachel, & Ariella


Long Island’s hottest fitness fashion boutique is taking over: Clementine!

We believe you shouldn’t have to sacrifice style just because you’re at the gym- if you are in cute leggings you might just do an extra squat ;). Looking for Fierce Fitness Fashion? Check out Clementine!

Why we love it:

The Clementine boutique has a cool, laid-back ambiance that makes shopping there enjoyable. The sales girls are super knowledgeable about the new athelisure-wear trends and will help you put together an outfit that motivates you to show it off at the gym. The founders of Clementine have chosen items that bridge the gap between activewear and streetwear fashion from brands such as Alo, Koral, and Ultracor. Their selection includes leggings, tops, sweatshirts, light jackets, tennis skirts, gym bags, and Swell water bottles. IMG_3288The demand for mesh panel leggings and star printed sports bras has no end in sight! It’s a one stop shop for all your fitness needs. (you can even see some sales girls doing burpees and pushups) Clementine also carries Urban Pops and The Squeeze juices which allows you to stay energized while shopping. Bonus is that Clementine created  perfectly sized shopping bags: not only do they carry our new athletic wear, they’re perfect to hold school/work lunches!

Our favorite feature :

They take gently worn “designer” activewear in good condition to sell on eBay in exchange for a gift certificate to Clementine on the spot. Goodbye winter 2017 wardrobe and hello summer!!!

What you will find there:

A perfectly-curated selection from top athletic-wear brands such as: Koral Activewear, Prism Sport, Alo Yoga, P.E. Nation, Spiritual Gangster, Varley, Ultracor, Aviator Nation, Alala, HPE Clothing, Heroine Sport, and so much more!

How to purchase:

Follow their Instagram account @Clemintineny to see their newest arrivals. Either visit the store, located at 499 Central Ave., Lawrence NY, call them at 516.612.4661, or Direct Message them on Instagram to order.

Our latest purchase:

Strut This Black Star Legging

What we’re loving:        

Ultracor Star Leggings
Strut-This tops and leggings
Alo Yoga zip-up and leggings

Kendall Jenner’s 11 Minute Ab Workout 

Kendall-JennerWarning: This workout will make your abs want to cry!!

We can’t help but envy Kendall Jenner’s flat stomach and toned abs. She recently shared an 11 minute ab workout she swears by. This is a no equipment needed workout that is so easy to do in your bedroom, hotel room, home gym, or fitness center. The routine involves a lot of planks and crunches-ouch! We’ve tried out this short, high intensity routine, and it left our abdominals and obliques burning! To toned abs… 🙂

The Workout:

  1. Forearm plank: 30 seconds
  2. High plank: 30 seconds
  3. Side plank: 15 seconds
  4. Side plank with crunch: 5 reps each side
  5. Single arm/leg plank: 15 seconds
  6. Rocking plank: 15 seconds
  7. Knee-to-elbow plank: 5 reps on each side
  8. Standard crunch: 20 reps
  9. Bicycle crunch: 30 seconds
  10. Knee-to-elbow plank: 5 reps on each side
  11. Standard crunch: 20 reps
  12. Bicycle Crunch: 30 seconds


To clean living,

Jessica, Rachel, & Ariella

Instructor spotlight : Amanda Kloots


What can’t she do!!?? Dance, jumprope, Instagram sensation, and trainer to the stars (the list goes on and on). Amanda is our version of a fitness BOSS! After insta-stalking her class, we decided to head downtown on the 1 train and do a back to back dance and rope class. We are not sure what was more sore post class, our cheeks from smiling for 2 full hours or our muscles from jumping, twisting, and turning! Amanda’s energy is infectious (we watched her give it her all even when it was her 8th workout of the day!!) and her sweet demeanor brings us back for more! You can check out Amanda’s classes offered at Studio B in Bandier Flatiron.

The Dance: 

Let us start off by saying we could not qualify for “so you think you can dance”. The only time you will find us dancing is in our apartment with the shades shut, the door locked, and some Britney blasting! We usually gravitate toward a more bootcamp style class, and shy away from public dancing, but we couldn’t ignore all the hype this class was getting so we decided to check it out. With a packed class, Amanda creates a fun and manageable (for us non dancers) class where everyone channels their inner Beyonce. The class consists of constant jumping shaking and shimmying and a stretch to finish it off.

The Rope:

JUMP SKIP SMILE! Holy cow was this a tough workout. Who knew that the classic playground toy could give us such a killer burn! Amanda created this interval cardio style class which incorporates cardio and toning using just the jumprope. The class consists of jumping, planking, arms and abs  using the jumprope as resistance, and some lower body moves. The different rounds test your endurance, speed, and coordination. Throughout the class, Amanda focused on each individual’s form and corrected those that needed help. Our hearts were pounding from the cardio bursts and our arms shaking from the arm series. The music was loud and energizing and by the time we finished belting out the lyrics, class flew by and we were on to stretching (THANK GOD!!). What we love about this class is that it showed us that all you need is this one piece of equipment to get a full body workout – for our next vacation we are just packing a jumprope!

*We can’t wait for Amanda’s videos to come out so that we could jump it out anywhere and everywhere! Stay tuned…

To clean living,

Jessica, Rachel, & Ariella

5 SLT inspired moves you could do at home

One of the hardest workouts we have ever done was at SLT. Our go to trainer is Heather Hamilton (check her out at the UWS and UES locations). She broke down 5 of her favorite moves for us to get those muscles burning. We adapted the moves (typically done on a megaformer) so we can do them at home, at the gym, or in our hotel room. All you need is a foam roller, optional set of ankle weights, and a set of gliders (towels work too)!

Heather’s favorites:

  1. Kneeling french twist (The yummiest exercise on the Megaformer!)
  2. Back Lunge
  3. Superman Curl with a twist
  4. Skating
  5. Wheelbarrow (One of the most basic on the Megaformer but, depending on your body placement/facing on the machine, it can quickly become wicked 😉

Here is our version to get that burn at home:

  1. Kneeling french twist suing a foam roller
  2. Back lunge (optional 3 pound ankle weights) on a slider disk (can use towel)
  3. Superman curl with a twist on sliders
  4. Skating using slider disk (can use towel)
  5. Wheelbarrow using sliding disks (can use towel)


Check out our video demonstrating the moves 

Our tips:

  • Do each move slowly to feel the burn (aim for four counts back and four counts forward for each move)
  • Keep your abs tight and don’t arch your back
  • Try to do 10 – 15 of each exercises 3x through!
  • Feel free to experiment with isometric holds or pulses while doing the moves.


To clean living,

Jessica, Rachel, & Ariella


picture –

Switch Playground – “New York’s First Playground”

First thought when we arrived…. um did we get off the wrong subway and end up at a dance party??? We were a little nervous when we walked into a light blue fog of techno lights, greeted by high fives, blaring EDM music, and dancing trainers. End result: our minds were blown (in the best way possible!). Lets break it down – we are talking about a non-stop mix of cardio machines, boxing bags, TRX, spin bikes, stair masters, rowers, dumbbells, body weight exercises, and resistance bands. We walked out of this class with jello legs, crying abs, and arms that couldn’t even hail a cab. If you are bored of your usual running, bootcamp class, or spinning routine get out of your comfort zone and check this place out. Your muscles will thank you later!

 The studio:

  • Location – 130 E 12th St, New York, NY 10003
  • The room – It is a dark room lit by colored lights and lasers, complete with a fog machine, multiple trainers, and a live DJ
  • Locker room – Men and Women locker rooms including showers, towels, and lockers

The class:

  • The class is one hour – it begins with a 7 minute yoga warmup, then you and a partner travel between 20 stations. Each station last two minutes, during which you complete two exercises in 30 second intervals then you switch to the next.
  • There were 8 trainers in the room assisting and demonstrating exercises at the various stations. They came around and motivated us while also making sure we had the correct form.
  • There is a live dj in the room. The musics was very technoc- and EDM-heavy. The DJ gave us that extra push we needed to finish the workout. (if you thought soul cycle was loud…)
  • The class ended with a quick 2 minute stretch.

Why we love it:

  • We love a class where beginners and athletes can join forces, this workout can be done at whichever intensity you prefer.
  • The class goes by super quickly – there are so many different stimulating things going on that you don’t focus on your burning thighs.
  • The 8+ instructors in the room carefully explained, demonstrated, and corrected us at every station. We found that we pushed harder and took less breaks in order to impress the instructors at each station.
  • The class is designed with 2 people per station so its a great place to go with a friend or partner.
  • First timers – 2 classes for the price of 1 click HERE

To clean living,

Jessica, Rachel, & Ariella 

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Soul Cycle: Why we’ve joined the cult!

We love hitting up Soul Cycle to get our burn on! We fell in love with Soul Cycle because of its effortless vibe, ever-challenging classes, and inviting community.

The Studios:

  • Studios range from New York to Texas to even Canada. Check out their website to find a Soul Cycle near you!
  • Bathrooms & Showers- Every location has a bathroom that is fully equipped with supplies you may need (think hair ties, deodorant, and face wash). Many studios also have showers so you may freshen up before getting back to your day
  • Provide – shoes and water *usually with an additional cost
  • The Room- features inspirational quotes spread across the walls. Most studios have between 40-70 bikes.

The Class:

  • A 45 minute HITT (High Intensity Interval Training) workout.
  • THE WORKOUT: It’s a journey: Get ready to climb, jog, sprint, and dance! There are 8 songs played in each class. The sixth song will usually focus on arms using hand weights located in the back of your bike (make sure to choose your desired weights before class!).
  • Intensity level-  You get to control how much resistance is on the bike and how well you keep up with the beat of the music. Whether you sit the entire class or you’re tapping it back like you are one of Beyonce’s backup dancers, you’ll be sure to get a great workout!
  • RESULTS:  It only takes 45 minutes to completely transform how you look and feel. Soul Cycle is a full-body workout that includes specially crafted choreography to work your core, arms, and legs.

Why we love it:

  • The music – pumping tunes that will help get your heart rate up and keep you motivated throughout the 45 minutes
  • Theme rides- Theme rides are a great way to change it up and have fun while doing it! Think: Beyonce, disco rides, hip hop rides, and so much more! Check out the upcoming theme rides HERE.
  • We let loose and dance our way through

Instructors we recommend:


  • Eliana Sable- We took our first ever Soul Cycle class years ago with Eliana. Eliana  is among our fav NYC instructors because of her signature sweetness, contagious laugh, and challenging rides! Plus, she’s a bad ass on the bike! In Eliana’s class, you’ll feel empowered and she’ll make you realize how physically and mentally strong you really are. She’ll push you to the limit with her long sprints, tough climbs (hello resistance), and continuous pushups and tap backs. You’re guaranteed to get an amazing workout and feel inspired for the rest of the day. She even will throw in some squats or planks at the end of class (because tapping it back for 45 minutes wasn’t enough!!!) Eliana balances it all by being a mom, workout enthusiast, personal trainer, Soul Cycle instructor, and a food lover (just like us!). Follow her on Instagram @e_kable45 for her ab challenges!
  • James J.- If you want to die of sweat & laughter for 45 minutes be sure to check out James J.’s class. He always starts his class with a funny story about his dating life that will leave you laughing for the entire ride. His signature line is, “I teach every class like its my last.” He”ll get you motivated and ready to tackle the ride you have ahead. Throughout the class, James keeps it interesting by throwing out challenging moves and some booty shaking choreography. James J. has a cult following out in the burbs and throughout the Upper West Side (or “Upper BEST Side” as he likes to call it). Don’t be fooled by his sweet and lovable spirit- he will call you out for checking yourself out in the mirror during class (ummm….GUILTY). Those adorable hipster glasses combined with his hilarious jokes keep you entertained throughout the class. Before you realize it, you are surrounded by a pool of sweat and did an intense workout that will leave your legs quivering for days!
  • Laurie Cole- Laurie is one of Soul Cycle’s Master Instructors. Her challenging rides, words of encouragement, and specially selected playlist will help you reach noticeable results – body and mind! Make sure to sign up when the schedule opens because on Mondays at 12:01 pm, her classes are fully booked with a waitlist a mile long and die hard followers waiting anxiously to get a spot.
  • Monique- Monique is the epitome of FIERCE! She gave us one of the most challenging no BS classes we have ever taken – lets just say her warm up had us panting. Her sprints have more resistance and last longer than you could ever imagine (she is a machine on that bike – you go girl!!). Her class will challenge your body to its max with her continuous tap backs, sprints, and muscle quivering arm series! Walking was a difficult the next day…


  • Ayana- You can find her singing her way through a challenging class with her beautiful and inspiring voice. Ayana’s class will surely give you the burn you’re looking for because she plays fun, heart-pumping tunes and hosts a dance party each and every time!

Florida (South Beach):

  • Aubrey- She has a tenacious spirit and gives a heart-pumping ride! She’ll make you turn up your resistance to levels you’ve never gone before and work your body to the limit, all while listening to great music!

Insider Tip: 

  • For those who’s behinds are suffering the whole ride through, make sure to grab a seat cushion before class. They are located near the weights and towels in the front of the spin studio. Another great option is to purchase a pair of padded bike shorts to slip under your leggings before class.

Women Cycling Shorts

Mens Cycling Shorts

* Book your first class for $20 HERE!


To clean living,

Jessica, Rachel, & Ariella


Rumble you are what our DREAMS are made of! We are what you would call boutique fitness class junkies – there is no better feeling than showing up to a cool studio, slathering ourselves with the upscale bath products offered, and burning all our muscles with a super high intensity workout.

 The Studio:
  • Location- Chelsea/Flatiron: It is located at 146 W. 23rd St. Right near the 1, F, and M trains.
  • Bathroom – Showers, towels, shea moisture products, changing room, blowdryers, toiletries
  • Room- Spacious, high-technology screens – displaying the workout for the class, cool lighting (changes during the class), state of the art equipment
  • Provide – wraps and water for purchase, gloves for rent

The class:
It is HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), strength training, metabolic conditioning (METCON), and cardio all in one. It consists of 10 total rounds, 3 minutes each, for a total of 45 minutes. You switch between boxing and strength training 2 times. This class is a great choice for beginners and workout junkies (like us 🙂 )Modifications are offered and you can tailor the intensity based on your abilities. Beginners should make sure to arrive a few minutes early to see the instructor break down and explain the punches.
Breakdown of the basics – 1,2,3,4,5,6
1 – jab
2 – cross
3 – right hook
4 – left hook
5 – right upper cut
6 – left upper cut

Why we love it:
  • THE BAGS – What really made us excited were the punching bags – they are filled with water instead of sand, so it is much lighter on the wrists and hands. Goodbye bruised knuckles!
  • Music – It is a customized mash up of modern and timeless classics. Think anywhere from Prince to Biggie to Beyoncé.
  • Intensity level – Hard – think punching non-stop, jumping jacks, jump lunges, squats, planks, boxer sit ups, and those freakin burpees (we know you hate them too!!!)

Instructors we recommend:

  1. Noah – He is one of the founders of Rumble. He previously worked at Barry’s Bootcamp (another one of our favs) and was our go to trainer. When he left we followed him to Rumble and took his first class. His class does not disappoint! It is what we like to call a boxers dance party (t-shirts optional – show off dem abs). The class is packed with energy, amazing music, Noah’s signature dance moves, and some killer burpees. Let’s just say his class had our abs aching for days……
  2. Joe – His no BS attitude has us burning some crazy amount of calories in just 45 minutes (think about 600!) He had us lifting super heavy weights, punching our hearts out, and banging out a serious amount of crunches.
  3. Kory – She may be one of the sweetest boxing instructors out there! She made us feel confident and comfortable throughout the entire class. We left her class in a pool of sweat, huge smiles on our faces, and we couldn’t wait to try her again.
  4. Rob – His class was a slower pace and had us focus on our form and execution of the punches. His class is great for beginners or anyone who wants to focus on improving their boxing technique. We could always work on our Jab!

Book your first class and get your second class free! Click to book your first class!

Let us know what you think!


To clean living,

Jessica, Rachel, & Ariella